Because of the Mogo community,

1,522,826,000+lbs of CO2

will be absorbed by the trees we are planting.

And this is only the beginning.

With Mogo, you're helping to build a better world: sequestering CO2, stabilizing global climates, reducing the severity of natural disasters, and contributing to improving the quality of life for millions of people.

Our Partners

We partner with exceptional companies that use cutting edge technology to facilitate the planting of millions of trees all over the world, responsibly and sustainably.

With our partners, we’ve planted more than 1 million trees all over the world already, and we’re just getting started.


Flash Forest

Flash Forest is a Canadian company that plants trees in Canada. They plant in high-impact regions, namely high severity burn zones, to restore forests devastated by wildfires that could not regenerate otherwise. They use unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, to safely plant in these unstable regions.

Mogo and Flash Forest have already planted 300,000 trees in Northern Alberta and British Columbia, Canada.

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Flash Forest is already racking up awards for their groundbreaking work, including:

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Veritree is a Canadian company that uses blockchain technology to track and monitor restoration projects around the world. With veritree, we’ve been planting in Canada, Madagascar, and Kenya. Veritree seeks to employ local tree planters wherever it plants, so our partnership creates jobs for people around the world.

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