It’s not what you say that matters. It’s what you do.

Our money is our power. The companies that we buy from and the products we use will shape the future we live in. It’s up to each of us to choose products and support companies that will make the world a better place.

Climate change is arguably the biggest social issue facing humanity today. And it’s not just about the environment—it has a devastating human cost. Every year, an estimated 5 million lives are lost to climate change, and the warming climate exacerbates inequalities that already exist.

Ditching single-use plastics and straws isn’t enough to stop climate change. We have to build big-picture, nature-based solutions like active carbon sequestration and more into our daily lives. But to date, for the average person, it hasn’t been easy or affordable to make a big enough impact.

Our mission is to make it easy for everyone to achieve financial freedom while also making a meaningful positive impact. With Mogo, you can plant trees for free to have a widespread and lasting positive impact on our world and our future—sequestering CO2 and creating a host a positive ripple effects that benefit everyone from forest critters to future generations.

It’s a simple solution made for people that don’t just talk about it, but actually take action, like you.

With Mogo, you’ve got your money where your values are. And you’re part of a revolution.

Because of the Mogo community,

1,501,475,000+lbs of CO2

will be absorbed by the trees we are planting.

And this is only the beginning.

With Mogo, you're helping to build a better world: sequestering CO2, stabilizing global climates, reducing the severity of natural disasters, and contributing to improving the quality of life for millions of people.

Fight climate change, effortlessly

Our Global Impact

In order to slow or stop climate change, we must actively capture and sequester greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, especially including carbon dioxide or CO2.

Carbon sequestration programs can take many different forms. Mogo fights climate change by planting trees, because trees are one of the most powerful carbon sequestration tools in the world.

Sequestering carbon removes CO2 from the atmosphere, helping to limit the warming of our climate. It is this warming that creates instability in our atmosphere, causing severe and extreme weather events and natural disasters at an increasing rate.

But planting trees does more than sequester CO2.

Our trees are planted responsibly in high impact regions around the world. This means all of Mogo’s forests are healthy and designed to facilitate lasting positive impact.

Healthy forests can help prevent or reduce the severity of wildfires. Robust root systems act like an anchor for top soil, which can prevent soil erosion. Keeping a healthy forest floor can prevent or reduce the severity of flooding, create healthy biodynamic habitats for countless land species and water species, and help perpetuate the health of the forest system.

When the world’s forests are healthy and biodiverse, we all benefit.

Trees are incredible tools in the fight against climate change. And our tree planting initiatives go even further. These initiatives create high quality jobs around the world, fund the burgeoning industry of green technology, and set a new standard for corporate climate stewardship in Canada and abroad.

We have built what we believe is the single simplest way for the average person to erase their own carbon footprint—and more—to become climate positive, for free.

Every time you invest with MogoTrade, you’re planting trees in forests, removing carbon emissions, and creating a better future for everyone, effortlessly.

Our Partners

We partner with exceptional companies that use cutting edge technology to facilitate the planting of millions of trees all over the world, responsibly and sustainably.

With our partners, we’ve planted more than 1 million trees all over the world already, and we’re just getting started.


Flash Forest

Flash Forest is a Canadian company that plants trees in Canada. They plant in high-impact regions, namely high severity burn zones, to restore forests devastated by wildfires that could not regenerate otherwise. They use unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, to safely plant in these unstable regions.

Mogo and Flash Forest have already planted 100,000 trees in Northern Alberta and British Columbia, Canada—creating habitats, jobs, and a healthier planet.

Learn more about Flash Forest

Flash Forest is already racking up awards for their groundbreaking work, including:

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Foresight 50 Icon
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Learn more about Flash Forest


Veritree is a Canadian company that uses blockchain technology to track and monitor restoration projects around the world. With veritree, we’ve been planting in Canada, Madagascar, and Kenya. Veritree seeks to employ local tree planters wherever it plants, so our partnership creates jobs for people around the world.

Learn more about veritree

Our world made better

Our world made better

With Mogo, you can have a massive positive impact on the world we share simply by growing your personal wealth. It’s not just about the money. It’s about creating a better future—for all of us.

Financial freedom and a better world is within reach.