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    Personal loans

    Borrow up to $25,000 with rates that range from 6.9%-47.88 APR and terms up to 5 years

    Borrow up to $25,000

    With rates that range from 6.9%-47.88 APR and terms up to 5 years

    2min 34s average application time. 74.6% of applications approved.

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    Borrow up to $2,500

    Like car sharing you can borrow by the day. Only 13 cents a day per $100 borrowed. (47.88%)

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    The MogoCard gives you the convenience of a credit card and the control of a debit card with no monthly usage fee.

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Personal loans made simple

Simple application, instant decision and fast funding for loans $200* to $25,000.

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Mogo Stores

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Free Mogo Prepaid Visa® Card

Spend less and do more with your free Prepaid Visa Card. Over 40 designs to choose from.

Free Mogo Perks

When you borrow from Mogo you become a member with access to lots of free perks!

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With no Monthly Fees and over 40 designs to choose from, the Mogo Prepaid Visa® Card helps you control your spending and avoid the aftershock of credit card debt.

Coolest giveaways

Every week we’re giving away cool prizes from great brands we like, such as Warby Parker, Beats, Aritzia, and many more.

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As a Mogo member, you can enjoy a free treat on us every month. Just stop by any of our stores and pick one up.

Exclusive Mogo events

Whether it's free wood-fired pizza in Vancouver or sampling the best hot dogs in Toronto, each month we host exclusive members-only events.

Free credit score

Less than 50% of Canadians know their credit score! Get yours for free when you sign up for Mogo Money.

Socially responsible lending

Level up to better rates

Our exclusive Level Up program enables you to work your way to better rates and higher limits. Simply make your payments on time and we’ll let you know when you’ve leveled up.

Utterly transparent

No secrets, no spin. We’ll give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Smart alerts

We make sure to remind you and highlight important info to help you stay in control and avoid unnecessary fees.

Free Prepaid Visa Card

A free tool to help you control your spending and avoid credit card debt. Learn more

Free credit score

Knowing your credit score is an important part of managing your financial health.

You're safe

Your data security and privacy are our highest priority. We use bank-level security encryption standards.

100 day money back guarantee

We give you time to ensure you feel you made the right decision, or your money back.

Here are some fictional examples of smart ways to Mogo

Here are some fictional examples of smart ways to Mogo

BillRestaurant owner
/ Great credit score

Bill owed $10,000 on his credit card that had a 20% annual interest rate. He paid it off with a 5-year MogoLiquid loan from Mogo at a 6.9% annual interest rate, reducing his interest rate by over 60%. He also started using his new Mogo Prepaid Visa Card to help him avoid getting back into credit card debt.

MaryDental assistant
/ Good credit score

Mary needed $1,000 to take advantage of a vacation deal that was $500 off the regular price. She decided to use the MogoMini Line of Credit to pay for it and paid it back in only 4 weeks. Her total cost of borrowing was only $36.60 (Based on 47.88% AIR and bi weekly payments, not including optional fees or services).

/ Poor credit score

Jay realized that a $200 cheque he had already written was about to bounce. Not having access to overdraft, he borrowed a $200 short term MogoZip loan from Mogo and transferred it into his bank just in time to avoid a $45 NSF from his bank and a $40 fee from the merchant. His total cost of borrowing was $21* (Based on rate of $10.50 per $100 for 14 days and APR of 273.8%).

Words from our customers
  • Thank you so much - your service has been invaluable to me right now and proves I picked the right company to deal with.

    Betty Ann J

  • I really do LOVE your service!!! I have been using it for over a year now and so has my girlfriend. Your service is convenient, fast and you have friendly staff. We could not be happier :) Thanks Mogo...You guys Rock!!!

    Mark L

  • Thank you very much for this product. It is very easy to load, check the balance, and no monthly fees! This makes it excellent as a budgeting tool. I will be recommending your services to all my friends and family.

    Evan S

  • After my complaint Mogo told me they wanted to make me a 100% happy. They did. Thanks Mogo! I now have my Mogo Card and have also made use of your loan products!

    Carolyn B

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Short term loan


Line of credit


Installment loan



Starting at 6.9%† APR

Up to 35.9%

47.88% AIR

Starting at $10.50*
per $100 bi-weekly


Up to 5 years

Up to 1 year

Up to 4 weeks

2 min 34 sec average application time. 74.6% approved. No commitment necessary.