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We are Mogo

We got here likely the same way you found us, by being sick and tired of staring at monstrous credit card statements that read, "You've got 22 years and 11 months of minimum payments to reach a zero balance". We all know the banks aren't really going to change so we decided to change things ourselves.

That's when we became Mogo. A group of people in Vancouver, Canada, who know there's a better way to make your money work for you, rather than someone else. We're going to blow the doors off ridiculous service fees, interest payments and massive credit card debt until the banks start to listen or we’re the biggest financial company out there. It’s safe to say you might as well get in on the ground floor because we’re going to grow pretty damn fast.

So what better way to start changing, than with an innovative new way to think about your credit card. The question was never 'do you need a credit card?’ it was 'do you need all that credit?'.

That’s why we created the Mogo Card. It gives you all the benefits of a Visa card without all the pain of racking up thousands of bucks worth of debt. Sure, sometimes you need a few extra bucks to cover an unexpected cost or take advantage of a killer deal. That's cool, because that's where Mogo Money comes in. Small, short-term loans – like $200 for 2 weeks for less than $4. We'll load it right onto your card or deposit it into your bank account within an hour.

It really is as easy as that. Someone just had to look at the problem a little differently. And we're just getting started. Our goal is to help save Canadians $1-billion in credit card interest, NSF fees and payday loan costs. We hope a few of those saved dollars will be yours.

Careers at Mogo

So far, we’ve changed the game for short-term loans and we’re about to blow up the credit card world with our new Mogo Prepaid Visa Card. What’s next? Well that’s where things get really exciting.

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