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The problem with overspending isn’t just buying stuff you don’t need—it can also lead to overdraft, NSF fees, and even bad credit. And even if you’ve got a good handle on your expenses, it probably still takes some effort. Either way, the Mogo Spending Account can help make your life easier.

In December 2016, Canadians owed $569 billion in consumer credit like credit cards and lines of credit—and that’s not counting mortgages.

Stay on top of your $$$.

When you buy something with your MogoCard, you'll get an instant notification to your phone that shows you how much money is left. You can also set up a spending goal to help track and control—yep, you guessed it: your spending.

Free with no minimum balance.

Typical bank debit cards charge you about $15 per month for unlimited transactions or require that you have a minimum balance. The MogoCard is free with unlimited transactions and no monthly or annual fee.

Add money instantly online

Monthly fee

Purchase transactions

Vader Card purchase

Domestic ATM


International ATM


Designer Card purchase

Depends on card design

Card replacement

Depends on card design

Foreign currency conversion


Add money at Canada Post


Cash or debit

charged by Canada Post

Account inactivity


Only charged after a year of non-card use. Transaction activities keep the spending account free!

till balance is $0

NSF fee


If your Add Money request is denied by your bank

See details on transaction limitsView full cardholder agreement

Set a goal not to overspend.

Simply set a date that you want your spending money to last until (like your next payday) and it'll automatically show you a suggested daily budget to stick to!

Beautiful designs

Want a Platinum Prepaid Visa Card that's slicker than your average? Upgrade to a unique designer card. Vader card available now! Other designs coming soon…

How to spend your way to financial health

More rewarding than reward programs

Credit card reward programs work by luring you to overspend. Usually, you get about $10 in rewards for every $1,000 you spend—not that rewarding. By controlling your spending with the MogoCard, you could easily save way more than the “rewards” you’re getting with your credit card.

Improve your credit score

One of the things that hurts your credit score is your credit card utilization rate: the more you use your credit cards, the higher your utilization gets. By spending with your MogoCard, you can lower your utilization rate and help improve your credit score. And because we give you your credit score for free (with monthly updates), you can track your progress with us!

Keep your money secure

Unlike with your bank debit card, an unscrupulous fraudster can’t access your bank account information if they somehow got their hands on your MogoCard. If your card is reported lost or stolen, you’re also covered by Visa Zero Liability in case of fraudulent transactions.

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