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Canadians are suffering from the aftershock of too much credit, along with high NSF fees, overdraft fees and other hidden costs of borrowing. All this has helped contribute to record levels of personal consumer debt that now averages over $27k per Canadian.

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Introducing Mogo Money

A simple application unlocks your Mogo Money account where you’ll have access to 2 different loan options depending on your needs.

MINI MONEY - Everyday line of credit Up to $500
ZIP ADVANCED - Emergency short term loan Up to $1500 *

Small loans that you can pay back whenever you want

Mini Money is a small personal line of credit that is meant to be used for short term cash needs, but it gives you the flexibility to pay it back whenever you want.

Loan amount: $250

Minimum bi-weekly
interest payments
$4.58 * Get money now

* Based on bi-weekly payments, an APR of 47.88%.

Get up to $1500* for 30 days

Occasionally we all encounter times when we need money now. There’s no time for the hoops and hurdles of a bank – we just need instant access to cash. When used wisely, the Zip Advance is a short term loan that makes sense.

Loan amount: $600

$138.00 Get money now


Traditional payday loan vs. Zip Advance

Representative example:
$46 $200 traditional
payday loan for 2 weeks.
$23 $200 Zip Advance for 2 weeks

Many people turn to traditional payday loans for emergency cash. Although easy to get they’re expensive and a pain in the butt if you need money for more than 2 weeks. Some of Mogo’s rates are not lower than traditional lenders. Depending on which product you choose, it is possible to pay more than this rate.

Based on maximum allowable rates in BC and Alberta of $23 per $100 borrowed for 14 days.

Based on rates in BC and Alberta of $23 per $100 for 30 days (APR 279.8%) and $11.50 per $100 for 14 days (APR 299.8%). Ontario maximum allowable cost per $100 borrowed is $21. Our cost per $100 borrowed is $10.50 for 14 days or $21 for 30 days. Example: For a $300 loan for 14 days the total cost of borrowing is $31.50 or For a $300 loan for 30 days the total cost of borrowing is $63.

3 super-fast ways to get your money

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after we've received and verified all your information and documentation. Learn more

to your Mogo Card

to your PayPal account

to your bank account

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