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The MogoMortgage

Mortgages made awesome.

Low rates, payment reminders, progress trackers, and more. You've never seen a mortgage like this.

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Get on the path to financial independence

When you have a mortgage, you're not just owning a home. You're making an investment and building your wealth. Your mortgage experience should be just as exciting.

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Rewards every year

From a bottle of wine to kick off your new MogoMortgage to a nice dinner on us for a year of mortgage payments, we’ll make it fun (and rewarding) to stay on track. Every year, you’ll get a gift to celebrate getting closer to paying off your mortgage and being financially independent. Who else does this?

The best rates, right off the bat

Here, you’ll get the lowest rates we offer—without having to coax, haggle, or charm us.

As a mortgage brokerage, we work with the top lenders in Canada to put together a lineup of the best mortgage
products and rates.


Getting the MogoMortgage

A simple, hassle-free process

Getting the MogoMortgage

  1. Set up your MogoAccount profile (and get your free credit score)

    See what you’re qualified for.

  2. Compare our rates

    Unlike many banks, our displayed rates are our actual rates—and they're market-leading.

  3. Complete your application

    It takes only a few minutes to complete our commitment-free online mortgage application.

  4. Review your options

    Our mortgage specialists will typically get back to you within a day of receiving your application.

  5. Personal guidance
    every step of the way

    Your mortgage specialist will guide you through the process all the way to closing.

  6. Your mortgage is funded!

    Now for the exciting part. We'll help you stay on track and get mortgage-free, with a customized mortgage dashboard available online and through our mobile app.

Ongoing support

Our MogoMortgage specialists are salaried, so they're focused on offering you support during (and after) your application—no awkward sales pitches. Log in to your account dashboard and chat with them about your mortgage if any questions pop up!

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Help Centre

Or check out our FAQ page! Chances are, the answers that you're looking for are already there.

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